In short

Our company provides modern and attractive graphic design solution for printed media. From book layouts, lettering, newspapers and magazines layout and lettering, illustrations, posters, leaflets, catalogues, image editing and retouching – simply anything that you need to present your business and services.

Based on more than 10 years of experience we know what works on the market, what makes you attractive, what will sell your product or services. We make you look good and attractive 🙂

We know the secrets of visual attraction, the simple tricks which will trigger the customers’ interest in you. What we had learned in more than 10 years we compress now into simple rules we apply in design so the presentation of your products and services will look attractive and desirable to the eye of the customers.

Do you need more? We can discuss 🙂

Here you will get no promises. You will simply get what you are searching for. You can become part of our satisfied customers community and enter long term cooperation with us which lasts for years. This relationship is based on trust – you always get things done, right on time and with excellent quality.

ikona_euro1Save your money and time

Be engaged with designer who knows how you can get what you want, listens to your demands and offers the best solution.
– Fast Response
– Prices to meet any pocket
– No hidden costs
– Prepared to answer all you questions
– Unlimited Mock-ups until satisfied

ikona_euro4Creative graphic design

We offer wide range of services – graphic design, typesetting, logo design, webdesign.
– all work is original and unique
– up to date
– effective
– you will be original, unique and up to date too
– you will attract the attention on the market

ikona_euro6Illustrations for your printed materials

We provide professional illustrations for your printed or web materials. Michal Splho is our trademark illustrator with experiences in projects all around the world.
– experience in hand painting and drawing
– children books illustrations
– vector computer illustrations
– targt to give life to your books, advertisements, magazines
– decade of cooperation with the publishers  in Slovakia, USA and UK.

ikona_euro8Three simple steps to realize your order:

1. Explain us your concept about the project.
2. We will quickly send you back the details about the project – design, the price and time necessary to accomplish it.
3. If you like our solution to the project, we clarify other details and define exact solution so you are clear about what can you expect as a result of the work. We will cooperate from beginning to the end.

ikona5The Price:

It depends of how sophisticated the project is. But in average we charge 30 Eur / hour of work.

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