Fred Leavitt, writer, Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency “The Billionaire’s Game”

Michal Splho designed my book cover with excellent vision where all important ingredients of great design are connected: simplicity, a concept connected to book content, excellent work with colors and sensitivity to font forms. I like particularly how the font is used and how it stands for (and replaces) central image or an illustration. I recommend his services to all writers who need experienced designer providing top quality results.

Kramer Greenfield, writer, Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency “The Blessings and Sorrows of Schlumel the Angel”

Michal Splho made my Angel come to life just as I envisioned for the cover of my first book. Bravo, Michal!

Robin Marvel, Author, Loving Healing Press

Michal combines amazing talent with great workmanship. He provides high quality results. He has designed two fantastic covers for my latest books that highlight what the book is all about. The covers allow readers to get a feel for the book before they read it. Thank you Michal.


Hermione Laake, writer, Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

As a jointly published author I worked with Michal to come up with a concept for my book cover. Michal was prompt, flexible and designed an excellent and appropriate finished cover to display on Amazon for my debut sequel to Jane Eyre: Bertha’s Journal: A Perfect Immelman Turn.

It is clear Michal read my work of fiction from his interpretation of it. Understanding the message you are conveying, and working closely with your brief, as well as being able to throw in some of your own interpretive wild cards is, in my view, one of the marks of a disciplined and adventurous designer. Michal has all three strengths.

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Jane Shaffer, Seven Arches Publishing

I enjoyed working with Michal on our children’s picture books – ‘The Happy Pig’ and The Sad Girl / Cinderella – very much.

We had a good working relationship. It is not always the case between editor and illustrator. Editors do not always have a good overview of how the finished book should look and artists sometimes have ideas about their illustrations that do not fit the particular aims of the publisher. This can cause clashes that are not helpful to the final product.

Michal and I sent many messages back and forth, dicussing adjusting and, experimenting, until we arrived at the final illustrations which I know will delight our young readers, both of us satisfied we had done the best we could.


Victor Volkman, Loving Healing Press

We have hired Michal to produce four of our most recent book covers. I don’t have to tell you that this is a critical element of the book publishing process, so our requirements are very high and Michal fulfills them well. His deep knowledge of typography and typefaces has proven invaluable, as well his utilization of color and application of overall design principles. He provides his own creative input in the process and makes it an easy collaboration. The only thing I regret is not hiring him sooner!